Thursday, 22 May 2008

Pimp My Chips

I found this last night and just HAD to post it on here. This one's definitely for nostalgia freaks. It was even mentioned in Computer Music's tracker section.

Take four international chip tune artists, one coder and one awesome idea - recreate classic pop tunes on a ZX Spectrum. The result is a PC musicdisk (sorry, no Mac download) that lets you hear what might have happened if the original artists only had access to an AY sound chip in their recording studios

I was grinning from ear to ear when I heard Blur's "Boys and Girls". It just sounds soooo retro and actually pretty flippin good! Chiptunes have taken a bit of resurgence these days what with bands like Crystal Castles and RnB producer Timberland 'borrowing' the 8-bit style.

Click here for the download from the actual programmer.

For those that don't want to download and install the zip file you can go to the blog of one of the musicians and hear it in MP3 format - MP3s

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