Thursday, 22 May 2008

It Came From Japan

On Tuesday, Solid Air presented us with a bit of a special night at 60 Million Postcards. What is now turning into a bit of a regular annual event, It Came From Japan is a group of touring bands from Japan that travel the UK to inject a bit of oriental J-Pop into the heart of the British music culture. On doing a bit of research it turns out that the four bands on tonights bill are actually pretty darn popular in Japan and have quite a huge following - a couple of which are signed to major labels!

The bands on the line-up were: Doping Panda, Vola & The Oriental Machine, Dr Usui and Bo-Peep

The music on store was very tight and really REALLY loud. And no, that's not be just getting old - it really was that loud, my ears have only just stopped ringing. (Note to self: next time take ear plugs!)

more pics HERE...

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