Thursday, 15 May 2008

2000 & hate number 1 - Britain's Got Talent

I expressed my hatred of this televisual abomination last night at Urban Beach to Ben. In particular the episode where they visited Scotland. It's an extremely condescending episode, especially when Simon Cowell kept changing how Scottish he was (at the beginning of the show he was saying 'I'm 25% Scottish' ... this increased to 45% and then by the end of the show 80%... What's he trying to say?!)

Anyway, Glaswegian internet-comedy genius Limmy hit the nail on head in his latest Vlog...

Now I remember watching that episode and even I was offended at the patronising arrogance of Cowell, Morgan and Holden... and I'm not even Scottish!

If that's not an advert for Scottish independance I don't know what is!

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