Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Radiohead x 3

OK, this has been a pretty mental week for Radiohead fans. At the beginning of the week a music blog brought me to the attentions of a very special remix of 'Nude' by James Houston a Glaswegian art student using nothing more than just bits of old tech. Everyone knows that Radiohead held a competition recently to remix the track and submit it to radioheadremix.com where people can submit their votes on their favourites and make widgets to put on your webpages etc. But this takes it to a different level. In his own words...

Radiohead held an online contest to remix "Nude" from their album - "In Rainbows" This was quite a difficult task for everybody that entered, as Nude is in 6/8 timing, and 63bpm. Most music that's played in clubs is around 120bpm and usually 4/4 timing. It's pretty difficult to seamlessly mix a waltz beat into a DJ set.

This resulted in lots of generic entries consisting of a typical 4/4 beat, but with arbitrary clips from "Nude" thrown in so that they qualified for the contest.

Thom Yorke joked at the ridiculousness of it in an interview for NPR radio, hinting that they set the competition to find out how people would approach such a challenging task.

There's a long intro on this clip of the ZX Spectrum loading a program - but sit through it cos once it kicks in (at about 1:20) you will be mesmorised!

Big Ideas (don't get any) from James Houston on Vimeo.

Next up, is a brand new song from Radiohead called 'Super Collider'. They've been using this to sound check for quite a while but they debuted it for real in Dublin last Friday. There are now thousands of clips of this song on Youtube from all different angles (it won't take long for a dedicated fan to download them all and edit them together) but this one produces the clearest sound. One thing that's quite rare in this song for Radiohead is the major-chord key progression!!

And finally here's an acoustic cover of Portishead's The Rip backstage in St Louis. I particularly like how Thom's reading the lyrics from his macbook. Love the original - love the cover.

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